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Products and services that you can buy here

Here you can order custom-made choral arrangements and other services. The prices in the table below are for arrangements of "medium" difficulty: three of four voices, with a length of approximately two minutes, and with medium complexity.

The exchange rates for prices in Euro and USD are approximate, and from January 2012; they will be updated when necessary. If you want the current exchange rate, or the rate for your own currency, please look at xe.com Universal Currency Converter or any similar site.

It no other agreement is made, you will get your custom-made arrangement within approximately a month (after ordering date). You have to make the payment before I send the arrangement to you, but I will of course make those necessary adjustments that you want, after you have received it and tried it out. Furthermore, before you pay and get your delivery, you will get MIDI files of the arrangement that you can listen to (and approve/disapprove of).

The expected delivery times in the table below are for all arrangements of "normal" difficulty. This should be the latest delivery date you can expect, under normal circumstances.

You should always discuss arrangements and other services with me before you make any payments (for example, you should not - prior to any discussion with me - simply send in a payment with a comment like "Payment for the XXX arrangement that I expect you to send to me within a month", or something like that).

Delivery costs and value-added taxes are included in the prices.

What you can buy Price in Swedish crowns Price in Euro Price in US dollars Expected delivery time
A custom-made arrangement for you choir 1200 SEK 135 EUR 172 USD 5 weeks
Arrangements that you have composed yourself coded into a Finale score (and PDF) 600 SEK 68 EUR 86 USD 4 weeks
The Finale source code for a free arrangement (available arrangements are here) 600 SEK 68 EUR 86 USD 4 weeks
A piano reduction made "from scratch" 600 SEK 68 EUR 86 USD 4 weeks
A piano reduction of an existing Finale choral score 400 SEK 45 EUR 57 USD 3 weeks
"Rough" translation of Swedish lyrics into English (or vice versa) 400 SEK 45 EUR 57 USD 3 weeks
New lyrics in a Finale choral score (for example, a translation) 400 SEK 45 EUR 57 USD 3 weeks
Transposition of an SATB score to SSAA or TTBB (or vice versa; the exact price will depend on the level of difficulty) 400 SEK 45 EUR 57 USD 3 weeks
Transposition of an SSAA score to TTBB (or vice versa) 300 SEK 34 EUR 43 USD 2 week
Other services that you can think of yourself ... ... ... ...

For arrangements that are much more simple or much more complicated than "medium" difficulty, the prices and delivery times will be adjusted (according to agreement between customer and seller).


If you order for a sum larger than 1000 SEK, you get the following discounts:

Other conditions

If you are underage, you cannot order arrangements from this site, unless you have a written permit by your guardian.

When you have told me that you are satisfied with an arrangement (after payment, delivery, and adjustments), you cannot cancel your purchase and get your money back, unless there are some really exceptional circumstances (for example, that your choir does not exist anymore).


You normally get your delivery by e-mail, after your payment has been registered. You can also get it on paper (format "A4") or on a CD-ROM by regular postal service.

How to pay

The preferred way for payment is through PayPal. (If you have never encountered PayPal, first read about it here).

Currently, the only other way you can pay is to a Swedish bank account number (which will be given to you when the deal has been closed).

If a large enough number of people want other payment methods (credit card, regular mail order, et c) I will fix that also.

Observe: when you pay to a Swedish bank account from outside of Sweden, you will probably be charged a fee for the money transfer. This cost is not included in the prices in the table above. Ask your bank what it will cost you to make the payment.

Order your arrangements by e-mail: eva.toller[@]mhmail.se

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